Uganda opens door for non-citizens to apply for naturalisation

The Ugandan Minister of Internal Affairs, Aronda Nyakairima, has flagged off a country-wide exercise in which non-citizens, who have resided in Uganda for an aggregate period of more than twenty years, will apply for citizenship by naturalization.
The naturalization exercise which commenced Monday will end on 18th February 2015 and shall target eligible persons who are spread out in at least 80 of the country’s districts.

General Aronda explained that naturalization is a legal process by which a non-citizen can apply to become a citizen of Uganda, and emphasized that citizenship will be granted to applicants who meet the conditions set out in the laws of Uganda.

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Nigeria: Citizenship – Gov Yuguda Leads the Way

I applaud Governor Isa Yuguda’s new policy: any Nigerian that has stayed up to seven years in Bauchi State automatically becomes an indigene/a citizen of the state with full rights and responsibilities. This is the boldest statement of any sitting governor or leader in Nigeria.

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Rwandans Expelled From Tanzania Get Food Aid

Rwandans who were expelled from Tanzania and settled in Bugesera District yesterday received assorted food items worth Rwf27 million.

The food was donated by Direct Aid Project Rwanda, formerly known as African Muslims Agency, in collaboration with the district’s Joint Action Development Forum (JADF).

Al Hadji Saleh, the Direct Aid centre director in Bugesera, said the donation was part of the many activities planned to help the group cope with their eviction.

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Returning Zimbabweans battle with bureaucracy

Zimbabweans who travelled to Zimbabwe before their Special Dispensation Permits were issued have complained of problems on their return to South Africa after the holidays.

In November, Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba said Zimbabweans can travel freely during the festive season.

But some returning Zimbabweans have complained that their passports have been stamped with permission to stay for only three to five days.

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The Right To Belong: Ending Statelessness In West Africa

Mary, a Liberian refugee born in Liberia to Liberian parents, gave birth to a child in 2003 in Ghana where she is now resident.

The father of the child is unknown; neither can the mother trace any relative of the man who fathered her child.

According to Act 20 (1) of the Liberian Constitution, “The following shall be citizens of Liberia at birth… (b) a person born outside Liberia whose father (i) was born a citizen of Liberia (ii) was a citizen of Liberia at the time of the birth of such child and (iii) has resided in Liberia prior to the birth of such child.”

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