Malawi envoy takes to the pulpit

News Day Asked to comment on the dual citizenship issue, the ambassador said there was no such law in Malawi, but was grateful that Zimbabwe had allowed it in recognition of her country’s subjects. She said her country would still wait for the enactment of the Dual Citizenship Act in Zimbabwe before her office considered how to assist Malawians not keen on assuming dual citizenship. Read more.

Le scandale de la carte nationale d’identité : CAMEROON, 30 June 2015 Les problèmes d’établissement de cette pièce sont la conséquence des luttes d’intérêt qui ont causé le départ de la société française Thalès Security Systems. Depuis des mois voire des années, les camerounais vivent au rythme des ruptures de production de la carte nationale d’identité, qui s’expliquent en large partie par des défaillances des autorités et entités responsables de ce domaine. Mais ce que les populations, victimes des désagréments occasionnés par leur incapacité à se faire établir le précieux sésame, ignorent, c’est l’énorme scandale qui couve actuellement dans ce secteur. Retour sur l’une des épopées tragiques dont seul le Cameroun a le secret d’en produire, entre guerre de réseaux, corruption à grande échelle et néocolonialisme. Lisez plus.

Chad expels scores of foreigners from N’Djamena

Africa Review, 30 June 2015

Chadian authorities have expelled hundreds of foreign nationals from the capital N’Djamena.

Reports say most of the foreigners were from Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon and the Central African Republic.

Cameroon Concord newspaper reported that about 300 Cameroonians were amongst those expelled from Chad at the weekend.
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Human Rights Commission Asks Nigeria To Address IDPs’ Statelessness

Channel, 30 June 2015

The National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, has advised the Federal Government to urgently address issues of displaced persons in the northern part of the country as more Nigerians are becoming stateless.

The Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission, Professor Ben Angwe, who spoke at a forum in Abuja, decried the increasing case of statelessness, saying some Nigerians who fled the country as a result of the activities of insurgents have become stateless due to their inability to identify themselves as Nigerians.

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Niger: Boko Haram’s neglected crisis

IRIN, 29 June 2015

According to Niger’s interior ministry, more than 60 percent of displaced people no longer have identification documents to prove their nationality. “No birth certificate or no identity document means the basic rights of the target population will be violated and they cannot fully enjoy their rights [as refugees], and also risk becoming stateless,” Alassane Seyboune, secretary general at the interior ministry, told IRIN. Read more.

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