The World’s Stateless

This report is about ordinary people, living all over the world, who have one extraordinary thing in common: they do not hold any nationality at all. They are The World’s Stateless. When having a nationality (or even multiple nationalities) is the norm, it is difficult to picture what statelessness is like. It is difficult to find the right words to describe the absence of something. More often than perhaps we should, those of us who seek to convey the urgency of this issue and the severity of its impact have fallen back on terms like ‘legal ghosts’ and ‘citizens of nowhere’ to try to portray what statelessness means. Such labels may be effective, and even rather poetic, in describing the phenomenon of statelessness. Yet they are also misleading. As, perhaps, is the word‘stateless’ itself.

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Malawi: Sipe’s Citizenship Under Scrutiny

Malawi’s representative in the just ended Big Brother season nine reality show, Sipe has come under fire over her citizenship as reports indicate that she is ‘not a Malawian.’

As she was in the Big Brother house, speculations were all over the social media that Malawi was being represented by the one representative, Times TV presenter Mr 265 as rumours spread that Sipe is a Zambian.

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Liberia: Under Probe – NEC Puts Rob Sirleaf’s Citizenship On Grill

Robert Sirleaf, one of the key candidates set to contest the up-coming senatorial seat for Montserrado County as an independent candidate, is expected to undergo a probe by the National Election Commission (NEC) over allegations that he is in possession of a dual citizenship, which is forbidden under the Liberia’s laws. With barely five-days to the holding of the senatorial election, NEC has not set a date for the probe, but indicated in its response letter to the lawyers that the commission attaches seriousness to the matter and wish to investigate it as soon as possible.

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Boko Haram fuels displacement crisis in Niger’s Diffa Region

Nigerian Islamist Boko Haram militias have driven nearly 90,000 people into neighbouring Niger’s impoverished Diffa Region this year, sparking food security and protection worries.

The September-November harvest season has been favourable across Niger except in Diffa, where food insecurity is a concern especially for displaced and poor families. “The real problem in the long-run is food insecurity,” said Karl Steinacker, UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) Niger representative.

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Liberia: Robert Sirleaf Woes Deepen, Lawyers Question U.S. Nationality

Critics of Independent Montserrado County Senatorial aspirant, Robert Sirleaf, also the son of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf are doing everything within their reach to ensure that he is barred from contesting the ensuing senatorial elections. As part of the move to get Sirleaf out of the race, two lawyers representing a group of Liberians under the banner the National Democratic Coalition (NDC) this week notified the National Election Commission that Sirleaf is an American citizen.

Cllrs. Lofen Keneah and Laveli Supuwood from the NACH Legal Services in a letter dated December 8, 2014, addressed to the Chairman of the National Election Commission, Jerome Korkoyah, told the commission that information in their possession reveals that Sirleaf is a citizen of the United States of America.

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